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WLtoys V911S Brushless Motor Upgrade Kit

WLtoys V911S Brushless Motor Upgrade Kit

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WLtoys V911S brushless upgrade kit!
Modification requires a certain amount of hands-on ability. Modification consists of two steps: the first step requires welding a signal wire, and the second step requires cutting off the original motor base of the V911S and opening the holes for the motor screws.
Start method
After powering on, you hear the start sound of the motor and push the throttle. After hearing the D sound, stop the oil and then make another D sound. The start is complete!
  Due to the time-consuming modification, this shop does not provide modification rack opening and welding services for the time being!

Package Included:
1x governor
1x brushless motor
1x adapter cable
1x3M double-sided sticker
4x motor screws
5x cable tie